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    LR4 and CS5 Raw versions

    jdliddil Level 1

      LR4 says it uses Camera Raw V 7.0 I only see version 6.7 in the Adobe labs. Are these the same? What if I use CS5, how do I maintain process compatibility?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          ACR 6.7 is for LR4 compatibility.  ACR 6.7 knows how to convert PV2012 so you can view your LR4 processing in CS5, but the UI for PV2012 is not part of ACR 6.7.   For that you’ll need CS6/ACR 7.0, presumably.




          So in answer to your question, just say Open Anyway, and ACR 6.7 will do the PV1012 rendering on the way into Photoshop.