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    Text on a Path Questions

    media kat Level 1

      I created a path with the type tool, selected the path in the Paths panel, I started typing on the path and the type followed the path, though I chose edit > free transform path and scaled it, though the text did not move with the new path and now it is no longer on the path?


      1. Why did the text not stay on the path as I transformed it?


      2. How do you hide the path so you do not have to see it? I want it there only as a guide for my text to flow across.



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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          When you type on a path a second path is created in the paths panel (the path with your words).

          Transform the path with the words, not the workpath that the pen tool created. (just double click on the type layer in the layers panel and edit>transform the type layer)


          One way to hide paths is to click below them in the paths panel.