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    install LR4 on different disk than Macintosh HD?


      I'm running LR3.6 and LR4beta on my Mac (OSX 10.7.3). I have two disks (named Macintosh HD and "2TB"). I had LR3.6 installed on the 2TB disk and LR4beta on the default disk Macintosh HD. I want my "production version" of LR4 installed on the same disk as LR3.6 i.e. 2TB. I uninstalled LR4beta by moving the folder to trash and removing the preferences file before I started the installation of LR4. The dialog "Select a Destination" doesn't show the 2TB as a valid drive and gives me only the choice to install LR4 on Macintosh HD. Am I doing something wrong or does this work as designed?


      Any suggestions are welcome