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    What controls truncation in <a name="TOC_..."> anchor tags?

    rlauriston Level 1

      I inherited a FrameMaker project that single-sources WebHelp using RoboHelp.


      It looks to me like whoever set it up took a nonstandard approach to coding WebHelp CSH. The BSSCDefault.h file is empty and there are no relevant markers in the FrameMaker source.


      The help calls use the format ~<file name>.htm#<anchor>. The .htm file corresponds to an .fm file in the FrameMaker source, for example, Introduction.htm. The anchors start with TOC_ followed by a heading, often truncated, with any invalid characters dropped or replaced by underscores, for example, TOC_Working_with_the.


      I probably don't have to redo this whole thing the right way but I do need to fix a few bugs, so I need to understand how it works.


      RoboHelp automatically generates the anchors for all headings included in the RoboHelp project's table of contents, right?


      What controls the truncation of the heading text?