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    After Effects: "You have this plugin twice" issue SOLVED


      Do you get problems in After Effects telling you that you have more than one time a plug-in, installed on your system? What After Effects does, is to scanning the Plug-ins and presets every time it opens, if you by mistake installed one plug-in two times, you will get an error telling you that you may have an issue working with this plug-in and, is better that you close After Effects and uninstall this plug-in. Well my friend gave me few plug-ins that he had, but it seems like I had some already installed. Every time I opened my After Effects for each plugin I had two times installed, it was stopping the scanning and informing me about the situation. It was really annoying to click too many times on “OK”. So I came up with an answer.

      1. ) First go to directory where your After effects is installed. Usually it is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS4.
      2. ) Go to “Support Files” folder and then to “Plug-ins”
      3. ) If you are using Vista or 7, use the search box on the right top corner of you window, if you are on XP, use the search button and click “find files and folders” (I don’t actually remember if it is like this)
      4. ) Then search “*.*” without the quotes (This will scan your folder and will show you all the files inside the Plugins folder)
      5. ) Look carefully to see the plugins icon (easy to recognize) and the name of the plugin, if you see a plugin name two times, that is the plugin that cause you the problem.
      6. ) Right click on one of the two and delete it.
      7. ) You can also follow the other way. When after effects pop up this problem with the plugin issue, it will tell you the actual name of the plugin, write down the name on a paper if you can’t remember, close after effects, navigate to the Plugin folder, and search specific for the plugin with this name. You will notice that it will appear twice. Delete one of these plugins.
      9. ) First open After Effects, and see if the problem is solved. Use the Plugin on an SOLID or ADJUSTMENT layer, and when you are sure that everything is all right, you can empty the recycle bin.


      I know that maybe this is not a big deal and maybe everybody can came up with this idea to solve the problem, but you never know if a person is really need a help on this.


      Thank you for reading.