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    after effects and photoshop ,,,help please


      hi all

      can anybody help please.


      ive been making a short film with my son and putting some basic effects in, just for a laugh.

      i noticed an effect on ADOBE TV that was done by Gareth Edwards in his movie MONSTERS which i thought would be good to try out in my film but i carnt get it right,,

      here is the link to that effect...            http://tv.adobe.com/watch/customer-stories-video-film-and-audio/monsters/


      its the effect where he changes the menu board in a cafe to one of his infected area signs, he allso changes a few other signs.

      in the video he say that he exports a still frame from after effects into photoshop and puts on his image {with a few tweaks her and there}, when hes got it ok in photoshop ,it some how updates in after effects??

      can any please help ,thank you

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's a simplified explanation of the process.  He left out explanations of motion tracking and perspective matching that were most certainly required for the shot being discussed.


          If you are doing the same process to a static, locked off shot, with no foreground objects passing in front of your sign, it would be very possible to create a single frame in Photoshop and just layer it over your scene in AE.  But once the camera moves, you will need to understand Motion Tracking.  If objects pass in front of the replaced component, you will need to understand Masking.

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            matwom1 Level 1

            cheers andrew for the help,very helpfull, i thought there was more to it than he explained ,ive worked with photoshop since cs3 but im new to after effects.

            i thought by the way he explained it, there was a dynamic link between AE and PS ,,like there is between AE and P PRO,

            cheers again