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    navigator.pop/navigator.push question

    _willCrain Level 1

      I have a 'utility app' that i am working on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


      When you first launch the app you are brought to an 'INTRO SCREEN', when you click login, it brings you to a 'LOGIN SCREEN' where you input credentials. Click login and it brings you to the 'CONTENT' which uses a TabbedViewNavigator. I move from one screen to the next using 'navigator.pushView(NAMEOFSCREEN);' NOW if i want to be able to logout while viewing the content and i click a logout button, it just puts the 'INTRO SCREEN' into the TAB CONTENT under the tab that i was on when i 'logged out'. it keeps the TabbedViewNavigator in play. How can i get rid of this?


      I have also tried, without success using navigator.popAll();, as so:


      protected function logout_btn_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void






      hoping that it would remove all of the other pages which would be unused.


      I have included a diagram for clarification. Hopefully someone has come across this?