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    rendered files for hardware output?

    BGabriele Level 1

      I'd like to get the best results possible when "playing out" a given Premiere sequence through my Kona LHi. I'm particularly

      interested in optimizing downconversion (HD-SD) via hardware. If there are differences between "preview" output and "play"

      output, I'd like to know what effect that has on a hardware "playout".


      Given a sequence that doesn't need rendering, I have the Pr program monitor set for high quality, full res, full speed, and

      have the player set to AJA. Clicking the "play" arrow, I'm able to output the sequence from Premiere, and capture the down-

      converted video on a second PC. Very good results!


      My question / concern is more related to the case when rendering might be necessary, such as when there is a yellow or red

      line above the sequence. Under this circumstance, if the sequence is rendered, will the output to the Kona LHi be degraded,

      or just as good as a sequence that doesn't need rendering?


      So, if a render IS required, might I be better off exporting a DI file, re-importing the DI, then outputing the DI through the hardware? Or, would letting Premiere create the preview (render file?), and outputting the preview through the hardware be just as good?


      Comments will be appreciated...Ben

      My setup is...
      win 7 / 64
      i7 3930K
      X79 chip set
      16 G ram
      Areca ARC-1213-4I
      Kona LHi

      drive 1: win 7, apps
      drive 2: media, project files (Areca raid 3)
      drive 3: media cache, media cache database, win 7 swap
      drive 4: preview files