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    Table of Contents - Some Chapters Missing


      Using CS5, I have created a book with 6 individual files (my chapters) and a separate TOC file - When I generate the TOC using the same format I have used successfully for the last year, the TOC pulls only the last 2 file/chapter entries. My files/chapters are straight text, no tables.


      I have deleted and re-created the TOC, the book, and the individual files to no avail.


      I have exported the TOC and one of the "missing" chapters to a ".idml" file, renamed it to an "indd" file, created a new book with these files, and that hasn't changed the outcome either.


      The doesn't appear to be any overset text on any of the offending files/chapters, or any unusual or hidden characters that might be interfering with the creation of the TOC.


      Any suggestions?  Thanks!