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    How can I scan directly into Ps CS4 on a Mac when Rosetta wont work?

    recruit_213 Level 1

      I'm using a Mac Pro Quadcore with Snow Leopard version 10.6.8 and want to scan photos straight into Ps CS4 version 11.0.2 using a Canon Canoscan LIDE 100.


      BUT when I go to Import there is no TWAIN option, there is only: Variable Data Sets (grayed out), Video Frames to Layers, Anti-Alised PICT, PICT Resources and Notes (grayed out).


      I right click on Adobe Photoshop CS4 inside the Ps CS4 folder to bring up "Get Info" and click the check box that states "Open using Rosetta" BUT when I click open the Ps icon to open it Ps crashes straight away. I click "Reopen" and it crashes straight away. Un tick the Rosetta check box and Ps opens fine.  


      I assumed this was Apples problem because Rosettas is their program but after walking it through the Apple care operator and following his instructions to download a PowerPC version of VLC (which started up fine without doing a thing)to see if Rosetta was automatically installed, it worked fine,  I was told that it's an Adobe problem. Urrrggghhh


      Then I downloaded the TWAIN plugin and dropped it into the import-export folder and NOTHING!


      The scanner works with Snow Leopards native Image Capture so it's not the scanner. Except that the scanner buttons dont seem to work when they used to on a MacBook. But here on the Mac Pro I cant find anything within the Ps menus that resembles "permission" to scan.


      I need to do a lot of photo correction/remove blurred/restoration and read that it's better to scan the old photos straight into Ps to ensure no quality is lost during the scan. Regardless if this 100% true I still should be able to scan straight into Ps. I mean the CS4 package + Mac cost enough.


      What is it that I'm doing wrong or missing here? Any help would be sooo appreciated!