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    FAQ: What is the Adobe Product Improvement Program?

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      The Adobe Product Improvement Program (APIP) is an opportunity for you to help us improve our software in a similar fashion to the product improvement programs run by others in our industry — like those from Microsoft, Google and Intuit.


      What happens when you participate?


      1. Information about how you are using the product (for example: how you use certain features and functions within Photoshop) are sent to Adobe, but no personal information is collected — it is 100% anonymous.
      2. Participating will not affect user experience or performance and will be virtually invisible to you. Basically, when you quit Photoshop the collected information is sent directly to Adobe (no 3rd party is involved).


      Note: APIP will be turned off by default in the release version of Photoshop, but you will be able to opt-in using this dialog.




      The Photoshop Development Team


      Additional Information:


      More information on the Adobe Product Improvement Program can be found here