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    How do I change the way the title/author appear and is there any way to remove pages on EPUBs?


      Hi all--


      I am having a really hard time--I am trying to transfer EPUBs from my Win 7 comp to my Nook Tablet. I bought a lot of books from several non-BN sites because they were lots cheaper and were also sold in bundles--but the site was messed up and sent the books in PDF form rather than EPUB.  PDF files won't read like a regular book on my Nook Tablet, so my friend offered to convert them to EPUB for me.


      Most of the books turned out fine, but some of them now have a few extra pages at the beginning before the cover image and the correct title and author are not displaying--it seems to instead show the filepath where the file was saved on m friend's computer (C:\My Computer/Documents and Settings...etc.)


      So, what I would like to do is be able to edit the EPUB files so I can delete the extra pages at the beginning so the correct cover image will be displayed and to be able to change the file's data sp it will show (and be searchable by) the correct title and author.


      I am new to all this, so I appreciate any help you can offer.  Thank you SO much for your help!!




      P.S.  Having the title and author show up correctly so they are searchable and appear in the correct place on my Nook Tablet is the top priority--correct cover pages would be nice aesthitically, but it is not that important.


      ****ALSO--does anyone know of an app or anything for the Nook Tablet that would allow PDF files to be read just like an EPUB/B&N=purchased book?  Currently when I open a PDF, it shows the page in TINY print--you can use pinching to zoom in, but then the file enlarges so it is bigger than the screen, making it very hard to read.  I can't figure out any way to enlarge the text but still fits the page like an EPUB does, so I'm wondering if there's an app that would do that--it's hard because you can't try apps before you buy them and I can't teel if they will work from the descriptions.