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    Help with CD Burning

    Jeremy TB

      I currently got the new version of Adobe Audition and come to find out that the CD burning option is no longer available. This very frustrating because I record sermons which are usually 30mins to an hour long. In Audition 3 I was able to record, add marker, and then burn a CD after each sermon. Now since this feature is not available I have to copy the audio to multiple tracks and make each audio clip into tracks and then inport it into itunes to burn a CD. This process is now taking about 2 hours of time, and I can't provide my customers with CDs after each sermon. Please someone help me....!!! Is there another problem that will read marks in Audition CS5.5 and can make separate track and burn to a CD? Since Adobe decided that this feature was no longer essential, is there a work around? I don't have the Audition 3 anymore and I don't want to purchase either....