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    Slow playback of Canon 5D Mark III file


      I tried this new Canon 5D Mark III native .MOV in PPro CS5.5: https://vimeo.com/38055013

      Available for download on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/38055013/download?t=1331098396&v=87557753&s=60764fbb7ca30180cd7cfb02022a dc3c


      In CS5.5, it plays OK for a few seconds, then slows way down. Sequence created from the clip format (matches). GTX 285, 12 Core 2.93 (MacPro running Win7x64), same issue GPU or CPU.

      Plays fine in PPro CS5, Vegas 11, Windows Media Player, etc.


      Can anyone verify this issue in PPro CS5.5?