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    Page not centered when printing



      So i'm running Indesign CS4 on an I-mac.

      i'm on OS 10.6.8.

      I have a canon pixma pro9000 printer.


      and for some reason whenever i print from indesign, i can't get the page to be centered.

      which it never used to do until a month or so ago.

      photoshop, word, acrobat... they print fine.

      but my indesign won't work.

      i swear i've tried EVERYTHING.

      it won't center.

      i've got it on 'centered' in the page position pull down in set up.

      i've tried the page related printer settings.

      and the basic page set up, too.

      but i still get a big gutter on the left side of the page.


      so i tried hooking the printer up to my wife's imac.

      which has the same stats as above.

      and it prints the same file DEAD CENTER.

      i've tried looking for differences in the set-ups but can't find any!



      I figure somethings corrupt with my indesign.

      so i uninstall.



      get the same off-center printing.


      although i thought it was odd that after i re-installed it didn't ask me for my serial #...

      so maybe it didn't uninstall completely and kept whatever ugly printing preferences are haunting me


      so that's my story.

      i wanna scream.

      i have no idea what to do next.

      any help would be madly appreciated.