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    Event Bubbling from inside a MediaElement

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      Does anyone know how to bubble a custom event from inside a ProxyElement? My ProxyElement wraps the target media inside a SerialElement and prepends a clip. I'm wondering how to dispatch an event which I could capture outside of OSMF (bubbles all the way up to Stage).


      I've tried dispatching from the ProxyElement, the SerialElement it creates, the VideoElement inside the serialElement, and also from the DisplayObjectTrait of each of those. I'm unable to successfully capture it via bubbling.


      In contrast I've modified the AdProxy example (org.osmf.examples.ads.AdProxy) and I can successfully capture a bubbled event dispatched via the displayObject it creates. I believe this may be due to its use of a custom AdProxyDisplayObjectTrait? It doesn't seem to do anything fancy so I'm not sure why it works yet my other attemps don't.


      Speaking of the AdProxy example. If i modify it to create a SerialElement and prepend a clip only the first clip plays correctly, all subseqwuent clips are heard but not seen. Is this a bug or do I need to somehow remove the custom AdProxyDisplayObjectTrait to resolve this issue? The child media claims it correctly has its own DisplayObjectTrait and the dimensions are correct. I'm using OSMF 1.6.1.





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          Syberkitten Level 1

          I have a strong sensation that the OSMF project is quite dead.


          no new submits since 2010, the contact form on the offical OSMF

          project website http://www.opensourcemediaframework.com/

          returns a PHP error.


          and many unanswered questions about OSMF in this forum.


          i think it would be wise to not use OSMF if possible, although

          I'm also stuck with it since we are utilizing HDS/PHDS

          protocols which are utilized in the framework.


          otherwise its quite a head-ache.


          I'm unable to get to a video element coming from a proxied element

          that is being produced via an HDS connection.


          and haven't found any solution that works.