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    Dynamic Tables and Graphs?


      Are there any resources that detail the process of creating dynamic tables and graphs?

      Resources geared towards InDesign Server are acceptable too.


      I am searching for the ability to dynamically generate tables and bar graphs on the fly via some automated workflow process, can this be accomplished with InDesign and if so how?

      I've been through 2 pricey books and a subscription to lynda.com and still haven't been exposed to a process that can dynamically spit out tables or graphs from XML or a relational database.


      I am exploring InDesign for use as an enterprise reporting engine. I am an engineer and not a designer and have limited (2 days) experience with inDesign.

      I have been spinning my wheels for 48 hours trying to figure this out. If anyone could throw me a bone and let me in on the secret, I would be much obliged.