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    Export Layers to Files - Files too large


      I have a PSD that is 100 pixels by 70 pixels at 72 dpi.  This is what I am currently using as my "thumbnail" size images.  I have 100's of thumbnails to save out as JPG and have been using "Export Layers to Files" and it has worked like a charm.  It was working as intended until I accidentally saw that one of those 100x70 pixel images was 70kb file size.  I double checked and all of my thumbnails are right around that size.  If I go into the file and save it out manually, even if it is at maximum quality, the file size is only 11kb.  There's no way I can do each thumbnail one at a time.


      Any reason why the file size is 70kb versus the 7kb - 11kb file size it should be?