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    Crash browser after QuickTime in Director

      We have used Director for many years but have a recent problem with QuickTime 7 plug in. If we play a Director Shockwave file with a QuickTime movie in it in either the FireFox or Internet Explorer browsers, the next Shockwave file we attempt to open crashes the browser. It doesn't matter whether we attempt to open the same SW file or another file with or without a QuickTime movie in it, it still crashes the browsers. We even stripped all other Lingo out of the Director file to make sure it was QuickTime that caused the problem. If we go back to QuickTime 6.5.2 plug in, the problem does not appear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          kar13 Level 1
          I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find a resolution?
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            JbyronH Level 1
            Hi Karen,
            Thanks for the response. After awhile you begin to think it is just you!

            We have been trying to figure this out for some time. We build online training and we have continued to have this problem ever since QuickTime 7.0 came out. We searched all the other forums, Apple's included, and we cannot get an answer or even a recognition that the problem exists.

            Tell me more about your situation, Karen. Maybe we can pool our experiences and somebody on this forum cam help us.
            Thanks again,
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              kar13 Level 1
              Hi Jim.
              We are repurposing previously created CD-rom projects for the web via Shockwave. I have noticed that exiting the browser tab after playing a QT video or jumping to another link within the Shockwave file has caused crashes.

              I posted a similar question to these boards regarding Director crashing on me when accessing a QT file within Director. Someone suggested I turn down my graphics hardware acceleration. I did that (turned it very far down) and I am now able to view, play, work in Director without a problem. I am also able to view the QTs online within my Shockwave file without the whole thing crashing on me. I haven't done extensive testing just yet to see if it's the total fix for me. It doesn't answer the question as to why this is happening though. Is it only my computer? Will others have this same issue? Is it only computers with additional multimedia production programs? Is it fine on "general user" computers?

              Upon doing some more digging I found this...
              Here's a link to notes about a QT Xtra update that seems to address our exact problem:


              Scroll down to where it says "Bug fixes for Director and Shockwave version"

              I'll have to ask the guy who Shocked my files if he has this "new" Xtra. Perhaps it's our answer....

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                kar13 Level 1
                What graphics card are you using? Two computers that crash on me both use NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M. My 3rd testing laptop has an ATI card and I have no problems with my Shockwave or QT running on it or some other desktops in my office. I Googled "NVIDIA QT" and found a bunch of items regarding known problems with QT and NVIDIA.

                The fix is per machine: disabling 'direct draw' acceleration via the quicktime control panel

                Does that help you at all?

                Here's one of the many articles I found:

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                  Quicktime in Shockwave from a server always seems to cause problems. I have often experienced the problem that you describe i.e. the browser crashing after one playing of a Shockwave movie containing Quicktime. I have also experienced other problems with Quicktime in Shockwave e.g. the Quicktime movie does not show at all. I have had to resort to importing Quicktime into Flash and exporting as an swf. then I import the swf into a director movie as an internal cast member. The quality reduction is massive but at least it always plays and dosn't crash the browser. I dont think that the problem is confined to Quicktime. I have found that other video types eg AVI cause the same problems. I dont think that the problem is confined to Shockwave either. If you make a projector containing Quickime and upload it to a server the projector will download and play but the Quicktime content will not.