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    Best practices and tips help needed to create animation

    MattyHM71 Level 1

      Hi There


      I am producing my first project in AE and came across this example which is similar to what  of which I need to implement in the project.



      (see 8 seconds in on the imagespot video)


      My scenario is I need to portray a network of nodes that are all interlinked (and possibly increasing in number, network links and nodes flourishing from spawn points of other nodes portraying that the network is an infinite expandable entity).


      Could anyone suggest how I'd create this, point me to tutorials, or let me know what the actual term for that kind of linked kinetic motion is?


      The important thing I suppose is how I manage the workflow efficiently. There must be a more effective way than animating 50+ nodes individually, also how would I best tie the network links that connect the nodes (as in the example) so that they follow the nodes wherever they are (this motion can be random).


      Any help appreciated