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    Problem with "Export to Release build" option in flash builder

    Flash Production Release Level 1



      This is the error i am getting when i using the "Export to Release Build in Adobe flash builder".


      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.


      at com.adobe.serializers.utility::TypeUtility$/getArrayType()

      at com.adobe.serializers.json::JSONDecoder/parseObject()

      at com.adobe.serializers.json::JSONDecoder/parseValue()

      at com.adobe.serializers.json::JSONDecoder/decode()

      at com.bravolucy.football.utilities::Utilities$/getAsObj()


      This doesnt happen when i using normal debug version of the build. But the problem is debug version is taking lot of time to be downloaded on the browser.


      We are using: 4.5.0 of sdk.


      Our code block:



      public static function getFilterVOfromURL(url:String):FilterVO



                  if(!url) throw new Error("URl supplied to create filtervo was null");

                  return FilterVO(Utilities.getAsObj(url,FilterVO));




      public static function getAsObj(jsonString:String,classi:Class):Object



                     var jsonDecoder:JSONDecoder=new JSONDecoder();

                logger.info("url to json conversion--json string->{0}",jsonString);

                  logger.info("url to json conversion--class->{0}",classi);

                  return jsonDecoder.decode(jsonString,classi); //-------------> this is the line of code which gave that expetion.



      And the value of "url" variable looks like this



      This is how our url varible value looks like



      {"pageScreenInfo":[0,0,0,0,0],"playerRole":[],"roundFilter":{"toVal":0 ,"fromVal":0},"timeFilter":{"fromTime":"0","toTime":"Pen"},"dateFilter ":{"toDate":1330626600000,"fromDate":1330626600000},"team":[],"subLeve l":[],"h2hFilterVO":null,"eventType":[3,6,43],"level":2,"isSeasons":fa lse,"seasons":[{"id":2011,"startDate":1313173800000,"endDate":13368474 00000,"display_string":"2011"}]} "




      Can you please us regarding this as we are very short of our release deadline.



      Srirama C