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    Flex App not working in IE9

    Shubhra Bhushan



      We have a Flex browser based app (Flex 3.6 SDK) and it has been running smoothly on IE since last 1 yr. Front-end is Flex, Middle layer Fluorine web services aka .Net, back-end is SQL. One of our customer reported this peculiar problem that it is not working on IE9 (its a Win 7 64bit laptop). Not working means that after he hits the url, the page loads fine but when he tries logging in he gets error (Thats an error we shoe when we get failure callback from middle layer). Now .Net/back-end people checked the logs and told me that they do not receive any hit from that account. So it means the <mx:Remote object> call for login never reached them. But then how come we got error callback?


      1. we are not using any session timeout so there is no question of fault callback coming due to that. is their any way that we got a fault callback of Remote Object without it reaching the .Net layer? How can we rectify it?

      2. we used Adobe connect and checked this client's machine and we found that his internet options on IE are fine as per http://blogs.adobe.com/cnflash/2011/09/23/adobe-flash-player-cannot-work-on-ie-9-after-ins tallation-or-updates/ . also he is able to open Flash videos without any peoblem so it seems that Flash perhaps is working fine on it.


      what other areas can we check to solve it? Any help is valuable guys....



      Shubhra Bhushan