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    Printing from Lingo

    William_Donelson Level 1
      I have a database of names in MM Dir MX 2004.

      I want to print out one line from the text string onto each page output.

      Is there a way to do this?


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          Level 7
          The only printing capability that Director has natively is printFrom()
          which will print the entire contents of a frame or series of frames. You
          could set up an otherwise empty frame with a text sprite that contains
          the stuff you need printed and then print that frame.

          Apart from that, there is the fabulous printOMatic xtra which will let
          you print in all sorts of wonderful ways, including just a text member.

          There is also Impressario which is for PDF files, but you can create a
          PDF file on the fly and put the text you want in it them print that.
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            William_Donelson Level 1
            Thanks. I think I will give "printFrom()" a go...

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              William_Donelson Level 1


              The printFrom() Lingo function ONLY prints at 72 DPI, which is pretty nasty.

              Since I already own "Buddy API" for Mac, there is a function:


              which will print a file. I can write & overwrite a single text file with the names info, then print the file each time.

              This works very well, is fast, and uses high quality fonts.

              Hope this helps everyone.

              BTW- The BuddyAPI Xtra package is terrific. It contains MANY very useful system functions. I end up using it all the time!