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    HttpService Issues (Bug?)

    Matlus Level 1
      I find tha the HttpSerice object doesn't behave very well. It has a mind of it's own when it comes to "method" and "contentType"

      The only time is does a "POST" (even if you set method = "GET") is when the contentType is set to "application/xml". Further, the only time you can actually send any addtional data (that shows up in the HTTP content part) is the same as above.

      I find also that the content is html encoded instead of url encoded. For example, if you send data in the form of

      The server receives it as

      This is not the correct HTTP behaviour and I hope this is not "by design"?

      I'd like to have a "raw" HttpService (or HttpSocket) over which I have far greater control. Is there something like this already available? If not, what are the chances of these issues getting fixed?