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    Using Data/Services with SQL Database




      Can anyon give me some assistance in using Flash Builders Data/Services feature? Basically i have my own database setup locally using MAMP and i want to be able to read/write to this database in Flash Builder.


      I can succesflly read from the database by adding a datagrid and applying the 'getAllClients(item:Clients):int' from the Data/Services onto the datagrid. This list all of my database results.


      However when i try to write to the database it does not work by right clicking 'createClients(item:Clients):int' under Data/Services > Generate Form, this then gives me severaltext input boxes for every field in my database table 'clients'. When i run this application, enter data into the text input boxes (id,name,surname,address,email), click 'Submit' nothing happens?


      What DOES work is when i right click on 'createClients(item:Clients):int' under Data/Services > Test Operation > Enter appropriate data under 'Enter Value' > click 'Test' and my database is updated successfully!


      So basically i cannot write to my database through source code but i can using the 'Test Operation' feature? Why could this be?


      Thanks very much for any help