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      I've been using ASDoc to comment my classes recently but I am having an issue when attempting to use it for documenting a class that uses a dependant external SWC.


      In eclipse i have an external tool function set up so that it will build asdocumentation on whatever project is my active project.  The following compiler arguments are specified:


      -source-path src

      -doc-sources src

      -main-title "Flex API Documentation ${project_name}"

      -window-title "Flex API Documentation ${project_name}"


      This works fine with projects that don't make reference to another external library, but that does not seem to be the case for the project i'm currently working on.


      The current classes are dependant on another external class - this external class is not very well documented and definitly not ready for an ASDoc build - but i cannot seem to find a way to exclude the class from the ASDoc output.


      i call the external class via adding the swc to the project and calling a variable as:

      private var varName:ExternalClass = new ExternalClass();


      when running asdoc with the above arguments i get errors saying the class cannot be found.


      I attempted adding the -exclude-dependencies argument, but that is not useable with the -doc-sources argument it would seem.


      Is my only option to not use my 'generalized asdoc build' and specify each class individually?