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    Overclocking causes jitter in Premiere playback, slows Adobe Media Encoder

    mkochsch Level 1

      I was doing some overclocking on my system last night in order to test the limits. I found some strange results while encoding in Media Encoder and playing back in Premiere. Things actually got worse not better.

      When my system was clocked to the defaults video playback was smooth in the preview window and while encoding a segment I checked the log to see how long it took. After the overclocking procedure the video picked up  a slight tick or jitter on playback. Media encoder also took about 20 per cent longer to encode the same material? Any ideas? I've noticed people complaining about jitter on playback and being told to overclock to correct the problem. I think some timing issue might be causeing some systems to jerk.

      My system:

      AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

      Asus M5A88-V (AM3+)

      Memory is 16GB GSkill (2-2x4) at 1666Mhz.

      Video: EVGA nvidia GTS 450 hacked into the "support" list.


      Things run fine at 232x16, 3.712 Ghz and also slower at 3.2Ghz

      but when I did a little performance boosting my Passmark Rating sure went up (>8710) but these other things went slower (or ticked) when I thought they should have been going faster.

      I notice the problem at 205X20, 4.11 GHz, voltage 1.476.


      What have I done wrong?