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    CS5 Production Premium installation disk 3

    joe bloe premiere Level 5

      First off, I always buy hard copies of my Adobe software.

      I prefer relying on disks sitting on the shelf instead of an installer file that is

      sitting on an Adobe download server somewhere for a finite period of time.


      My self-inflicted problem:

      During a re-install of the Suite, I fumbled disk three and put a BIG scrape

      across the data side of the disk, rendering it only partially readable.

      The end result is that the CS5 Suite fails on installation of Flash.

      All other programs in the Suite install and update properly.


      I have tried copying the files from the disk as described here:


      The disk failed in four drives on three systems.  Unreadable.


      So... I lept into the abyss of Adobe Chat Support.


      After two lengthy conversations with 'Syed' and 'Vallabh' that were filled

      with the empty promises of first sending me a full set of replacement disks,

      then 'elevating to Senior Support', and 'You will be contacted by email, but

      if you do not get an response in 2-3 business days, You may contact us

      back on chat with the customer ID so we may check on the status of the request."

      We all know from both personal and related experiences that this is the 'endless loop to nowhere'.


      I requested an .iso of disk three be made available, but to no avail.

      I get the stock 'copy and paste' reply: "...since warehouse and server space is limited,

      we only stock current version products in warehouse and on our servers."

      I find it impossible to believe that Adobe does not have a copy or .iso of the third

      installation disk of their software suite (despite the fact that it is not the current version).

      Hey... I still have my Premiere 1.5 installation disk!


      Of course, I am told that I should simply buy the upgrade to 5.5 and I will receive a

      new set of installation disks for that version, but I don't want 5.5... especially with CS6

      peeking over the horizon.


      I would of course prefer to be able to install my purchased software from a

      legitimate Adobe source, and if circumstances five years from now happen to

      demand restoring an installation of CS5, I would really like to have that option available.


      If there is an official Adobe solution to this self-inflicted dilemma, I would love to hear it.

      Or alternatively, if there is someone who could provide an .iso of disk three for me to

      download and burn it would be much appreciated.

      As I understand it, disk three by itself will not install anything...

      it only carries the required data to complete the installation of the full Suite.


      Thanks for reading, and if there is a more appropriate Forum for this post please advise.