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    Hollywood style movie trailers


      I recently bought a new iMac and installed Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.  I played around with the Premiere elements a bit and there was a feature (I think under THEMES) that allowed you to create a Hollywood style movie trailer complete with orchestra music.  There were several different themes:  action movie, drama, etc. 


      My Mac O/S crashed a few weeks later (I had purchased open box).  Best Buy told me to uninstall all my software and bring in the computer to exchange it for a new one.  I did this.  When I reinstalled the software I can no longer see this MOVIE TRAILER feature.  I tried to google info about it and it seems it does not even exist.  Can anyone tell me how I can get this feature on my Premiere Elements 10 again?  Was it just a sample and I have to pay to upgrade?  When I search the "what's new in elements 10" it does not even have any mention of it.


      So confused.