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    Dissolve Blend Problem


      Hello everyone, I could use some help here. I'm trying to draw a simple, circular spritesheet using the ellipse tool. For the shades, I used the dissolve blend on a Gaussian-blurred, hard-edged ellipse.


      The thing is, whenever I do ANYTHING, even something as insignificant as move something over the ellipse, the dissolved parts 'move', the effect slightly changes. I've printed a screen of the 'problem', note that both ellipses are the SAME vector:




      You see the pixels? They're not aligned in the same way. Sure, it's not a big deal, but when you palette the image this difference is crucial... Does anyone know how to fix this, or maybe a workaround? Thanks.

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          groove25 Level 4

          I'm having a little trouble understanding this, although I see the pixel differences between the two graphics. Are you saying that hovering over the image with your cursor and/or another graphic element causes the effect to change?


          Also, I'm on FW8 and don't seem to have a Dissolve blend mode. It definitely seems like a very "old school" blend mode that creates sort of an "every other pixel" type of effect. Perhaps if you're adding an element, it recalculates the blend? (I have no idea.)


          If something truly unstable is going on, how about copying and flattening the graphic? Alternatively, applying the Gaussian blur as a filter instead of a live effect might help somehow.


          FOLLOW-UP: According to one source, "The Dissolve blend mode only works when the opacity of the layer is reduced. Random pixels are made transparent on the layer rather than reducing the transparency of all the pixels." This is actually describing Photoshop's Dissolve blend... but note the use of the word 'random'. It suggests that the results might change slightly whenever the blend mode might be reapplied. So for some reason, the blend is likely being recalculated or reapplied here—whereas you'd rather it stay fixed.

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            HellToast Level 1

            I couldn't find a better way to put it, but that's exactly the problem- it seems that the blend is being recalculated or reapplied whenever I do anything. For example, if I drag the ellipse and move it around, the mishap that will follow is highly noticeable, somewhat like this:




            I've tried to flatten the image, it worked like a charm (except the areas with transparency, they would ignore the blend completely for some reason), but I'm working on a spritesheet, I need two ellipses of different colors, that's why the effect must be applied equally, a pixel out of place will make a big difference. This problem will always occur, no matter what kind of filter I use, I've even tried to created a feathered ellipse with the brush tool, same thing happened when I applied the blend...

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              groove25 Level 4

              I guess those are the perils of working with that particular blend mode... It makes for an interesting animation, though.


              For two ellipses of different colors, you might try defining the graphic as a Symbol and then adding a Color Fill or Hue-Saturation effect overlay to the second instance. (I wonder whether the Dissolve blend mode would be recalculated for each symbol instance or not.) Otherwise, you could try a different blend mode altogether and then maybe use an Add Noise effect to get some of the grittiness that it seems you're going for. Or add a grainy Texture from within the Properties Inspector.


              FOLLOW-UP: Actually, there are two other things I'd suggest, just in case they might somehow work: 1) Lock the object and/or layer being blended. 2) Do any remaining work in another layer. Given that blend modes in Fireworks affect all layers beneath the layer being blended, this likely won't make a difference, but it seemed worth suggesting anyway.

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                HellToast Level 1

                Thanks, but it still won't work, I wonder why.


                I've figured a workaround though, by flattening and saving every grayscale'd layer in separated .BMP's I was able to get 'still' dissolved ellipses. All I have to do now is color fill them with the overlay blend and mess around with the brightness/contrast filter a little.


                It takes a while and won't look as good, but I suppose it's the best I can do. If anyone have a solution for this, I'd love to hear it, though.


                Thanks again.