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    Preloader doesn't load until file is completely Loaded

    Cabbibo Level 1


      So I am having a problem with the flash file at this site: http://elsupermusiccollective.com/zoomIn.html


      Everything is working fine, except for the preloader, which only seems to load after the entire file is 100% loaded, which leaves people who visit the site staring at a black screen for quite some time...

      The code on the preloader frames is as follows:


      frame 1 (which has the background for the preloader/ actual load bar etc}


      var percent:Number = Math.floor(getBytesLoaded()/ getBytesTotal()*100);



      textBox.text = percent + "%";

      textBox._alpha = 80;

      loadBar._xscale = percent;





      frame 2 (which is empty)


      if(percent == 100){







      I'm sorry if this question is really easy (like my last one), but I'm very new to this, and have looked everywhere for an answer. Any help is appreciated.

      Also, if you want to check out the actual program just click when you get to the main screen and click to create new shape (mouse x and y change opacity and speed respectivly)

      I'm using actionscript 2