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    I suddenly can't move files from one folder to another in my FlashHelp project.

    Angela Fort Level 1

      I have RH8 (8.02). I have been working on this project for a couple of years now.

      What changed? I had imported a Word document and then removed the document and the folder it created from the Project Manager. Now I cannot move any of my files from one folder to another in the Project Manager pod. I susptected a corrupt CPD file so I closed the project, deleted the CPD file. Next I opened Robo from Programes (I never open from the .xpj file), went to Tools>Options and deleted the pinned most recently used project. Select Open, and locate/open the xpj file. I've also re-generated the output (no errors) and completed all these steps again. Of course Robo only goes haywire on me right before I have to publish for our new software release.