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    Not fully transparent when exported little white dots around images

    CocoFormula Level 1

      I don't know if I should just copy from the illustrator file while in the program and paste into my indesign document directly or export as some other file. I've done the export as EPS before so I went with that. However my images that I drew in illustrator with a brush tool and colored are not full transparent. I see little white spots I don't know if that's because indesign shows them like that or are they actually there. I am combining images because I drew parts separately as opposed to drawing the whole scene together because I wanted to move certain characters/objects/scenery. My question is are the little white spots actually there or is that just that indesign displays it that way? I exported them with the default settings as EPS in illustrator with transparency. I didn't change any settings. Thank you in advance. Oh and I use illustrator cs5.1