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    Example of Cold Fusion 9 using a COM object?


      We're not able to get COM of .NET objects working with Cold Fusion 9 and a third-party application. The vendor for the 3rd-party app has done some testing with their COM objects, as well as unrelated COM objects and they can't get any of them to work. This also matches our experience. Their hypothesis is that Cold Fusion 9 won't work with any COM objects. This seems surprising to me and I suspect that we are all implementing them incorrectly.


      Can somebody provide an example implementation of CF9 with a COM (or .NET) object that we can test (preferably an implementation that is already tested to work). That will help us troubleshoot the source of the problem.


      Our systems is Window 2008 server 64-bit. I don't know if the vendor is on the same O/S.