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    CS5.5 Rectangle tool blue and brown outlines?

    GalactusTrilogy Level 1

      I don't understand the blue and brown colored lines that outline the rectangle/ellipsed boxes I create.  Clicking on a blue outlined box sometimes causes it to turn brown, and then do odd things, like when I move the box, it sometimes completely disappears.  What am I doing wrong or keep this from occuring?  Many thanks in advance!

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          you not doing anything wrong...In indesign they are two frames ,


          Blue one is the contrainer of the image

          Brown one is the edge of the image


          Blue box gets selected the black arrow tool in the tools panel

          Brown Box gets selected by the white arrow tool in the tool panel


          the blue box allows you to resize the container , however the brown box allows you to wprk on teh image .


          please refer the help file or the video tutorial to see the difference of selection tool and direct selection tool

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            The two colors are indication that you have either the frame itself selected, or the content. I wouldn't expect to see a content bounding box unless there is an image inside the frame.


            In this case it sounds like you are on layer 1 which has a default color of Cyan for frame bounding boxes and a brown for content bounding boxes. If the content is selected you can move it around inside the frame without changing the frame (you would do this if the image was being cropped by the frame, for example, to show a differnt area). If you move it past the edge it will seem to disappear.


            Double-clicking with the selection tool is one way to switch back and forth between the selections.