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    How do I change comment color?

    Nonfat-Kevin Community Member

      I simply want to know how to change the ColdFusion comment color. I HATE them showing up as yellow. I think comments should be more in the background (with grey coloring) instead of being so in ones face. I looked in the Colors section but couldn't see anything relating to comments.


      On another note, I remember there was an option previously to choose via drop down if you wanted a color scheme similiar to Dreamweaver, CFEclipse, etc. Is that gone now?



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          Hi Kevin,


          Comment color is controlled by the "Whitespace" color config setting.  So for CF comments go to Preferences/ColdFusion/Profiles/Editor/Colors then in the Tokens area scroll down to Whitespace and change the color(s) there.  For other file types, the same settings can be found in the HTML prefs area.


          Yea, I can't find the color scheme config setting either.  No idea where it went.




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            Nonfat-Kevin Community Member

            Thanks for the tip. I saw that area but whatever I changed the value to, nothing changed in my editor.


            It's no longer an issue as I was able to find the color scheme/profile setting. It's located when you click ON the profile option: Preferences > ColdFusion > Profiles