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    Controlling Flow with SHIFT


        I have not been able to the nice feature of pressing shift+ number to control the amount of flow while painting for some time now (or to control the amount of opacity with airbrush on). This feature was great when I first started using it back in PS7 but I haven't seen it since the last few packages. It is a major time saver for any digital painter's workflow and am worndering if their is any way to make this function work again. Please see the the adobe help link below if you'd like to see Adobe's description of the function.


      The company I work for is using a full version of Creative Suite 5 and is has all of it's updates. I have searched all over with no answers yet, so if anyone can help me I'd be greatly appritiative.


      Thank you




      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/photoshop/cs/using/WSB3EC705B-FE76-4adc-9D7F-09B9BBAAF4A8a.htm l