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    Verticle and horizontal


      I photograph a verticle image bring it into photos and rotate it , then bring it into PST it still comes in horizontal. Is this correct or a bug?

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          rglick1 Level 1

          So I'm assuming that either no one knows or there is no way unless you start with a blank layer and the add the photo then rotate, but that just bites. Adobe is on the right track but needs to sharpen it up some more. The app photogene is a really good app and if adobe can match that one it will have a world class app.

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            David__B Adobe Employee

            Hi Rglick1,


            I just tested myself in PS Touch on both my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) and my iPad2. I took a vertical image using the tablet and then used the native photo viewing app for the tablet rotated the image from a vertical to horizontal orientation, on the Samsung it was Gallery on the iPad2 it was Photos. After saving the rotated images outside of PS Touch I imported them in, both imported with the newly saved horizontal orientation. So I was getting a different result. Is this the same thing you were doing? What kind of tablet are you using?