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    Best practice export PDFs for Pad viewing?

    HealthcareHelper Level 1

      Have an emergency question here:


      A client has asked us to find out what export settings our former graphic designer used when he took copies of the client's InDesign files and exported PDF files that were higher quality than those exported by the client's in-house designer. Our designer has since moved to another state.


      So, I'm asking here for advice we can relay to the client. His large job is due tomorrow. Although we'll take the PDFs and output them for Web use, this is not the usual stripped-down to basics situation. The results will have to look good on an iPad first of all (also on on Web pages), which means the PDFs we start from need to be higher quality than those usually destined for Web use. The entire publication is photo-intensive with many people pictures where clean appearance is important. Of course the pages also contain text, so that has to be crisp as well.


      As I said, we lost our InDesign guru, and the client's designer is being faced with a new challenge. The client is calling me and asking How soon? How soon?


      Help? Thanks in advance.