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    Span columns not working in book

    3ABNPublishing Level 1

      I'm using InDesign 7.5.2 for Mac. In two separate book publications now, I've encountered a weird problem with column spanning.


      The body frame is set to multiple columns (2). The chapter title is set to span all columns. But for some reason it won't span.


      In this screen shot, you can see that the chapter title (Index) is selected, the frame has columns turned on, and the chapter paragraph is set to span all, and yet it doesn't span:


      Screen shot 2012-03-07 at 5.14.35 PM.png


      The weirdest thing? If I select the frame and paste it into a new blank document, the span works! (Except that doing this causes InDesign to crash half the time.)


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!