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    logging tomcat messages

    carl type3 Community Member

      On CF9,8,7 some of the error or warning messages that would write to CF\runtime\logs\ (Jrun4\logs case mutiserver) coldfusion-event.log and coldfusion-out.log are valuable to diagnosis of CF/jrun/java issues that can be rectified. While CF10 CFadmin > Debugging & Logging > Log Files has “server log” it misses much of the error or warning details that you could rely on from the coldfusion -event -out.log. It would be good if the tomcat/java details pertaining to Heap, Garbage Collection, Perm Space etc could be written to CF10 CFadmin > Debugging & Logging > Log Files or ColdFusion10\cfusion\runtime\logs for reference case any of those where having a problem? Perhaps something akin to native tomcat7-stderr.log or catalina.log would be useful details to have to check on CF/tomcat/java issues?


      I notice the tomcat/java messages can be seen via running CF10 in console mode however running CF in console mode is not always an option and having some kind of log history to refer to can be helpful to track down a problem and apply suitable change to fix.


      If  I deliberately crash CF10 by filling the Heap or Perm Space I can see Heap or Perm Space messages in console mode. If I run CF10 as a service (as you normally would) and apply same conditions to crash it there are no log contents to integrate and see  - I had a Perm Space problem, let’s stop that occurring again via such and such CFadmin > Server Settings > Java and JVM  alteration.


      Thanks in advance, Carl.