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    Can PP make a video clip find its matching audio and pull it.

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have a SEQ that i created. I made 2 copies of the same seq.


      Then i used the copy to ad the razamataz.

      Then i unlinked the audio and exported that to an aiff.

      I opened the aiff in soundtrack. Doctered it a bit and exported an aiff file from there.

      I reimported that aiff and put it back on the TL .It matched flawlessly.


      Then the client all of a sudden wants me to add another clip.

      When i open up PP the original seq was no where to be found.


      So is it possible to use the clip on the TL to pull the audio back to at least 1 clip at a time?

      Can premier ad that audio clip back to the TL (w/ handles) or am i just simply facing a replace clip and re-edit the video situation?