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    Decklink Intensity Pro works with CS 5.5 on PC

    Darren Kelly Level 1

      I just wanted to update folks that I just installed a decklink Intensity Pro into my PC, and have good success with the card.


      I have a red bar over the footage, but I have tested 4 layers, with FX in realtime and it looked and played pretty well.


      The decklink speed test showed my sustained read over 250mbps and the sustained write about the same. That's with only 2 X 3TB drives with 64mb of RAM cache, raided using the on board 6GBPS raid solution.


      I now have a 4 monitor solution, using the NVidia GTX570 and the GT520 running one monitor.


      I'm really happy with my decision to move from FCP to Adobe, and from Mac to PC.


      Did you notice Apple didn't talk about any new Towers or computers in todays anouncements. More emphasis on what the iPad can do!!!


      Apple out of the game. Some folks just can't accept this.


      Happy day for me!!!


      Good Luck