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    place marker during capture


      I have looked everywhere for an answer to this question, and I am starting to think it is not possible in any way, but I want to be able to place a marker in to a clip while I am capturing it live.


      I spend a lot of time on set capturing a live HD feed from cameras. This footage is often required to be played back immediately after a take to check performance etc but we don't want to have to do it off the camera each time so it is captured in to Premiere CS5 on a laptop. In Avid you can set markers during the capture. I want to do this in Premiere so I can cut out all the guff at the head of the take like slating etc and also there is also often multiple repeats of a performance in one take so I want to be able to mark when each performance starts. I can't seem to find a way of doing this.


      Any ideas? Is there something turbo comment (on location) for premiere pro?


      I would possibly do the capture in on location but very often I need to change the speed of playback to watch what the take is going to look like at other frame rates and on location doesn't seem to be able to play things back with a speed change or in reverse.

      If someone knows how to do that in on location then that might also solve my problem.