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    What to get

      I have been tasked to created an on-line user's guide. I was told that RoboHelp would do what I need. However, I'm not sure exactly what I need. The system that I will document is a GUI that is on a Linux machine. I'll have install RoboHelp on a Windows machine, create the document using RobHelp and then move the document over to the Linux machine? The user's of the GUI wont have access to the Windows machine at all. There's so much information, where should I start?
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi SammieB

          Welcome to our community as well as welcome to the wacky world of help authoring.

          Well, we would love it if you were to choose RoboHelp as your Help Authoring Tool (HAT). But you really should do some investigating. If you had asked this question on the HATT list (An E-Mail list devoted to Help Authoring Tools and Techniques) you would have been steered toward something called the "HAT Matrix". You may veiw that by clicking this link.

          So go ahead and check it out. I'm confident that you will find RoboHelp stands on its own merits.

          Cheers... Rick