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    Crashing and bluescreens in CS5.5

    voxL Level 1

      AE is crashing many times/daily and bluescreen frequency is increasing (today I had 2).

      I'm working on my first 16 bit linear project (1280x800) w/a lot of layers and frequent use of Scatterize. Trapcode Shine, Particular.

      I prerender all my 16bit 3D renders and bring them back in as 8bit png sequences.  All the other elements are 8bpc.

      As the project gets more complex, my performance goes down and crashing increases.  Basically when I open the project, the response is great, but over a short time it slows down and crashes.  The problem seems to be AE not releasing memory from RAM previews.


      I've read the thread on recc'd settings and used the suggestion for 24GB RAM.

      NextI'm going to try non-multithreaded.


      My system:

      i7 980 (12 cores)

      24 GB Ram

      SUS SABERTOOTH X58 Motherboard

      Win7 Pro x64 SP1

      nVidia QuadroFX 4600.  Driver 275.89

      Kingston HyperX 240.0 GB Solid State Drive

      Second SATA III drive.

      Indexing turned off on the drive.

      I've closed all my resident programs (Skype, MalwareBytes, Carbonite, iTunes Helper)


      I'm wondering if I need a video card with a lot more memory...

      Any suggestions will be appreciated, especially if we can figure this out, because I'm working on a big job...


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, what does the bluescreen actually say about which module caused the crash? It's possible that this is graphics card related, but just blindly blaming the card or driver doesn't make it so...



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            voxL Level 1

            Good question.  Are you refering to what is printed on the bluescreen?  I don't always look!  When I have looked, it has identified various apps that were running at the time.  However, I don't think that is accurate for identifying the source of the problem, because this occurs even when no other apps are running.  Because of the way it progressively slows down, it seems to me that there is a memory issue somewhere in the pipeline.  I can imagine that 16bpc color increases the memory requirement signficantly, that's why I'm suspicious of an older video card (even though its high end).

            I'm considering converting all my 3D sequences using a 16bpc project, then doing importing them into an 8bpc project to add effects... does that seem worthwhile?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 7

              You keep mentioning video cards.  They have NOTHING to do with rendering in AE.  Thus, if you're trying to use Open GL to accelerate your renders, turn it off and leave it off.  Open GL rarely helps and all too often hurts.