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    Can´t render&preview stabilized quicktime-video

    Marko Sxxxx

      Hello all,


      I´ve encountered a very annoying problem while using After Effects warp stabilizer on a quicktime-video (4K, ProRes444, 24fps, 16-Bit).

      After applying the effect, I can see the results in the preview. But when I am closing the AE-project and reopen it the ram-preview stays black even a rendering is impossible. The RAM fills with data, the CPU start working high but not a single frame will be rendered.

      I tried:

      on/off OpenGL

      various multiprocessor/RAM configurations

      new project/new composition + new warp effects


      System: Mac OSX 10.6.8, AE 5.5, MacPro 2x 2,26 Quad, 24 GB, Render: 9CPU a 2 GB RAM.


      I would be thankful for any help.