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    Potential bug when using Parsley 2.4.1 and Cairngorm's module 0.17 in Flex 4.5.1

    kkudiksx Level 1



      I have an issue when using cairngorm's ModuleViewLoader along with ParsleyModuleDescriptor to load a simple module consistig mainly of HBoxes, VBoxes and Datagrids.


      The module consists of one child (let's call it ViewA) and that child consists of several children as its components.


      When I use cairngorm's ModuleViewLoader along with the ParsleyModuleDescriptor and Parlsey to inject the modulemanager in my main app, the module loads, as well as ViewA but some nearly all of ViewA's children are not loaded (in fact they're initialized but creationComplete is not invoked).


      When I use Flex's mx:ModuleLoader all ViewA's chikldren are initialized and creation complete is also invoked.


      I will attach the source as a zip file  later on....


      but for now...this is all I can give http://dpaste.com/713503/