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    Changing MXML defined State using Actionscript?

    J Clow Level 1

      I have the following MXML (this is not the complete file)



                          <s:State name = "preCopy"/>
                          <s:State name = "copyState" />
                title = "blah" id = "appPanel" >
                          <s:VGroup id = "mainBox" includeIn = "preCopy">
                                    <s:Button name = "Start Copy Now" click = "startCopyNow(event)" />
                                    <s:Label id = "timeToCopyTxt" />
                                    <s:Button name = "Stop Autostart" click="mouseStopAutostart(event)" />
                                    <s:Button name = "Options" click="openOptions(event)"/>
                          <s:VGroup includeIn="copyState">
                                    <s:Label name="copying files"/>



      I want to know how to change states through actionscript because I want to change states through a timer Event and a mouse event.