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    How to prepare images for printing in an external print lab (export to a print lab's color space)


      Hi All,


      Could you please advice me on how to achieve the following?


      I'd like to export an image to a JPEG in my print lab's color space. I want to do it after I played with the soft-proofing feature, so I want to make sure that my settings are preserved in the final print. In particular, I'm talking about the rendering intent choice here.


      Now, how do I do that? In the regular Export dialog, I can obviously choose the output color space, but there is no selection of the rendering intent.


      I have also tried looking in the Print module (Print to: JPEG file) which allows for the intent selection, but there's another obstacle - I cannot set margins to 0 in this module!


      Also, I have a side question here - shouldn't the color management settings in the Print module match the output profile and intent of the Proof Copy? Because it doesn't behave this way. There is also no silent override of the settings, at least in the 'Print to: JPEG file' case. The selected profile (sRGB by default) will be the target space, even if the proof has been made using a different output profile.